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Room 5 - Mrs Christine Shadbolt

Inquiry: The School Production is this term. Our Inquiry is entitled “Let’s Get Creative” focusing on “The Arts” (Music, Dance, Drama and Visual Art). The Junior Syndicate are doing an Arts rotation this term. Each teacher has chosen one Artform to teach to the students who have opted into their group. They will be discovering what are ‘The Arts’ while participating in two chosen Art forms (Music, Dance, Drama or Visual Art) throughout the term. This Inquiry will be integrated into Literacy, (Reading – Fairy tale group plays, narrative Writing, Spelling, Oral and Visual Language), Art and ICT. The Production Dance group will work on their item leading up to the School production.

Maths: Addition & Subtraction, Multiplication and Division, and Geometry and Measurement (Position and Orientation will be covered this term.

ICT: We will be using the graphic organisers on the Kidspiration programme to brainstorm what the Arts are and insert images to illustrate the different Art forms (Music, Dance, Drama and Visual Art). The students will also use be creating a Fairy tale story map using the programme.

P.E. Cross Country and Large Ball skills and games will be done this term.

Art – The students will do draw and paint a Rainbow ‘Fish’ for their Calendar Art piece and a painting of a Fairytale character.

Te Reo Maori (Maori Language): The students will participate in our own Te Rapa School Te Wiki o te Reo Maori Writing and Art competition which runs over the first three weeks. The theme is entitled ‘Toku Kura’ (My School). They will write about one thing that is special to them about their school and give a reason why. Their picture will illustrate the special thing they mentioned. Greetings, the Calendar (weather forecast), Instructions and the Body and Clothing will be covered throughout the term.


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