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Room 5 - Mrs Christine Shadbolt

Room 5 Term 4 2017


Inquiry: This term our Inquiry is “Health and Safety”. The Inquiry approach is integrated into the classroom programme. During this Inquiry we will be learning to understand the importance of keeping ourselves safe and healthy, with visits from Project Energize (Nutrition), Life Education Trust (What does our body need to stay healthy and happy?), a Hamilton City dog educator (How to keep ourselves safe around dogs) and firefighters (Fire safety – Get Firewise).

Literacy: For Oral language the students will be practising and presenting their group play and actively listening to texts with a focus on listening comprehension. Shared reading of traditional narrative fairy tales will assist with the students writing a retell of their group narrative play. They will also do some descriptive writing of Fairy tale characters. The students will do Procedural and Recount writing related to the Health and Safety Inquiry experiences and activities.

Drama: The students will continue to practise and then perform their group Fairy tale or Fable play to an audience.

Art: The students will create a Health and Safety poster related to our Inquiry coverage which includes, fire, dog and road safety and healthy eating (lunchbox) and body (fitness) ideas.

ICT: This term we will use the Kidpix programme to create a Health and Safety poster. We will also incorporate ipad programmes within the Literacy, Numeracy and Inquiry programmes.

P.E & Health.: Run, Jump and Throw Athletic activities (High Jump, Long Jump, Ball Throw, Obstacle Course, Frisbees and Foxtails) will be covered. ‘How to keep our body healthy and happy’ will be covered by Life Education educator and Nutrition sessions will be taken by a Project Energizer educator.

Te Reo Maori: Nga Kai (Food) will be integrated into the Project Energize Health Nutrition and Life Education ‘How to keep our body healthy and happy’ units. Room 5 students will take part in the Powhiri (Welcome Ceremony) for Japanese students visiting our school and they will experience participating as ‘Tangata whenua’ (hosts).

Citizenship: Responsibility and Co-operation values will be covered school-wide this term and incorporated inside and outside classroom.

Key Competencies: All Key Competencies will be incorporated into the Health and Safety Inquiry and across the curriculum.



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