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Room 4 - Mrs Michelle Middleton

Welcome to Term 4, I hope you had a great holiday. Term 4 is an exciting term for Room 4 as we continue together on our learning adventure, full of wonderful experiences and discoveries.

The Science Inquiry study this term is ‘Our Senses’. The students will carry out some experiments testing their sense of touch, smell, taste, hearing and sight in order to gain an understanding of how the skin, tongue, nose, ears and eyes function and make it possible for use to survive in our environment.

In Mathematics this term we are continuing to focus on addition and subtraction, developing understanding of real life contexts and knowledge activities to help our recall of basic facts, place value and fractions. We will continue to play knowledge games as a whole class and as part of the Mathematics group rotation. The strand focus for this term is “Position and Orientation”.

For Writing we will be continuing to write about our personal experiences and describe people, animals and objects. We will be learning to write more and to expand on our ideas to included who, what, where and when.  We will use the descriptors to help develop details in our writing: Number, Colour, Size, Shape, Doing, Position and Texture.  We will be working on adding interesting details to our writing including adjectives, verbs and conjunctions and rereading our writing to make sure it makes sense.

This term we will learn different skills associated with athletics and participate in the school “Athletics” for P.E.  It is important that we remember to bring suitable clothing for this on Tuesdays.  After the “Athletics” is completed we will continue to focus on “fundamental skills” and “ball skills” such as; kicking, striking, throwing, catching and jumping. Once the days get warmer we will start our Swimming Programme.

In the DMC this term we are able to now log on and off the computers and we will be looking at the programme “Microsoft Word”, learning create and save a document and add an image from “google images” to it.

The Arts this term, we will be completing Visual Art/Music that links to our Inquiry – ‘Sense This!’  We will be doing observational drawing, painting with a difference and developing sound scapes with drums that we have made


Maori: Nga Ahuatanga (feelings), Te Maramataka (Calendar) and Te Marae will be completed this term. The teachers and students will experience a School Powhiri (welcome ceremony) for visitors and also a Syndicate-wide Powhiri.

We are still working on remembering to bring our book bags every day and need to make sure we do our homework; reading and spelling each night and complete the homework task which will be revision for students. 

Once again feel free to pop in to see what we have been doing, any time before or after school! We have an amazing term ahead of us. Remember to keep an eye on our Inquiry Wall!!


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