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Room 3 - Mrs Michelle Foster

Welcome to Room 3 2017!!

I hope everyone had a fantastic break and managed to spend some time enjoying the start of summer.  I am excited about what the new school year has in store for us!

In Room 3 we have 24 fantastic students and I am looking forward to teaching and learning along with my students again this year.

To start the year we will begin with the inquiry topic of – “Our School: Our Place”.  We will be discussing how/who belongs to different groups within our  School, community and the wider community.  Room 3 will discuss who are the people in our school, what are their roles, how we join and participate positively in groups.  We will also look at class and school routines and rules.

We will begin our mathematics programme with a statistics unit and will begin with pictograms showing how many boys, girls and pets we have in our families. 

The children in Room 3 will be grouped according to their abilities for our reading/Writing and Mathematics programmes.  We will be learning basic Maori greetings as well as writing a mihi about our family.

For our P.E. Programme we are swimming every afternoon for the majority of the first term.  The children in Room 3 look forward to this each day.

As a teacher I enjoy making my lessons interactive to allow the children to connect with their learning.  I am looking forward to watching my students grow and learn in a classroom that is motivating, creative and most importantly fosters learning!!

I look forward to meeting all the parents/caregivers of Room 3 children in the year to come!  Feel free to pop in and see us!!

Mrs Michelle Foster

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