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Room 21 - Mr Tony Su'a

Talofa lava and welcome back to Term 3. We would like to introduce Mrs Allen, our new teacher in Room 20, we are very excited to have her as part of our teaching team. Room 20 will enjoy having an experienced and dedicated teacher to continue on from Mr Jones.

We have a busy term ahead with exciting topics to cover, learning goals to focus on and of course our school production, ‘Turn The Page’. Outlined below are major learning focuses for the term and key dates for Syndicate events:


Focuses for Term 3


Mathematics - Streamed classes continue to focus on Measurement and Geometry for the next six weeks then will move into Statistics for the remainder of the term. We also have two teams busily training for the Waikato Waimath competition which will be held in Week 4.


Writing - Speeches will be a major focus for the first two weeks, preparing for our Syndicate speech competition in Week 7.  Following this, students will be learning how to write short stories. Teachers will then select two stories from their classes to enter a short story writing competition.


Grammar - Continue to develop knowledge of spelling patterns, word origins, sentence structures and new vocabulary. We will also be focusing on proofreading & editing skills.


Reading - Our reading comprehension  focuses for this term are Reorganisation and Evaluation. Many of our reading texts will align with our Arts Inquiry topic.


Inquiry - Our main focus for this term will be “The Arts” to run alongside our school production..  Looking at how art pieces can be used to express ideas, feelings, culture and to promote messages to specific audiences.


Physical Education - The focus for Term 3 will be building stamina and endurance through running to prepare for our Whole School Cross Country. Weekly Jump Jam & Team building fitness sessions will also be activities that we will use to keep our students fit.

ICT- A range of activities to develop skills using Google Docs, Slides, Sheets and Forms within our classroom programmes. All classes are using technology as a tool to assist our learning on a daily basis.


Key Dates for Term 3


Week 1- Camp fundraising products will go home.

Week 2 - Fairfield High School Talk for Year 8s (Monday 31st)/ICAS English

Week 3 - Hamilton West vs. Te Rapa Primary School Sports Exchange/Whanau                Meeting (Wednesday 7pm)

Week 4 - Classroom speech finals/ ICAS Maths (15th  August)/Science Fair

Week 5 - Sports photos/ Full School Assembly & Whole School Cross Country

Week 6 - Father’s Day (3rd  September)

Week 7 - Syndicate Speech Finals (Venue and date and time TBC)

Week 8 - Looking to Lead (Student Councillors)/ WFPS Speech Semi Finals         
                  (Venue, date and time TBC)

Week  9- School Production /WFPS Speech Finals (Ohaupo Primary       

                Primary School-Thursday)

Week 10 -WFPA Cross Country Finals- Tuesday/ Friday 29th September- Full                 School Assembly and end of Term 3.


Term 3 Reminders


Please make sure your child has a change of suitable clothing for P.E. as we train for our cross country event this term. A small hand towel or similar is also recommended to assist cleaning/drying students after running.


Students are also reminded about our “Sports for Shorts” policy when playing out on the fields during interval and lunchtime.


Review classroom homework requirements and establish this routine for the term.


Production students showing a commitment to all rehearsals.


Parents attending our Term 4 Motutapu Island camp will be notified Week 2 and a camp meeting will be scheduled for later this term.

Please contact classroom teachers through email, dropping into school or for longer discussions through appointments.

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