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Room 2 - Mrs Claire Mikkelson

Welcome to Room 2 for Term 1, 2017!  I am very excited to be welcoming 5 year olds who are just beginning their education journey this term. 

Students will be developing the skills so they can be independent and responsible learners. 

This term we will be working towards:

- Knowing all letter names and sounds

- Saying a sentence and writing some of the Early Words by ourselves

- Reading simple stories and nursery rhymes

- Counting forwards and backwards to at least 20

- Logging on and off the computers by ourselves

- Creating a picture using the Paint programme

- Taking photos with the iPads

- Co-operating and working together through Discovery Time and Circle Time

- Carrying our own school bags and doing our 'before school jobs' independently


We'll be swimming in our pool every day and visiting our library, Digital Media Centre every week.


We will be very busy gaining lots of new skills!



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