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Room 15 - Mrs Abby Ritete

Room 15 Term 2 UPDATE

Welcome back to Term 2.  I hope you have all had a wonderful time with family and friends over the break.  This term sees us busy with the following events outlined below.  We hope that you are able to join us whenever possible.

Term 2 Activities

Written Language – Information Reports, Topic Sentence and Paragraph Development, Proof Reading and Editing Skills

Reading – Guided Silent Reading, Blooms Taxonomy Tasks, Colour Code Highlighting Non-Fiction

Maths – PRIME Mathematics Programme

Inquiry/Big Idea – Living World - The world is a diverse and amazingly complex place

Maori – Kapahaka, Maori Language, Counting, Colours and Animals in Te Reo

Arts – Friday Rotation involving Dance, Drama and Music, Visual Art: Link with Living World Inquiry

Health & PE – Sports Rotation – Netball, Basketball, Hockey, Softball and Football

Competencies & Values – Learning Logs – Reflection on learning

A major goal for the students in the Year 5 and 6 Syndicate is to work towards becoming an

‘Independent Learner.’

This encourages them to take charge of being ready to learn and also helps them to monitor their own learning.  This learning will help to ensure that they will be prepared for future years of learning.

Criteria for being an Independent Learner:

  1. I ask myself these questions frequently, ‘Do I know what I am supposed to be doing?’  ‘Am I doing it?’ The independent learner would answer, ‘Yes’ to both questions on a regular basis.
  2. I plan my time carefully on a task so that I can ensure I finish it.
  3. I look after all of my own learning resources. If I misplace something it is my own learning that suffers.
  4. I am ready to start at the beginning of the day, with a clear and organised desk as well as a clear and organised frame of mind.
  5. I know the best way to learn is to ask questions of others when I do not understand.  The person that sits and stresses about not knowing, will never know.
  6. I work quickly and quietly on set tasks so that I can maximise my own learning but I am also conscious of the learning needs of others.
  7. I set realistic goals and work hard to achieve them as I can see that education plays a very important part in my future.

Literacy Pro

Our students should be gaining confidence using the Scholastic Literacy Pro Programme. Literacy Pro is designed to develop successful readers by evaluating their reading abilities and motivating them to read more at appropriately challenging levels. This will be used in the classroom this term and we encourage our students to use this as part of their reading at home programme. Please take an interest in this with your child. Have them read some of the text aloud to you and share their quiz responses with you. If you have any questions about this programme please do not hesitate to contact me.


The students of Room 15 will have a weekly Home Learning Contract again in Term 2. The items listed on the contract with a J next to it are ‘Must Do’ activities and need to be completed and signed by a parent/caregiver.

The ‘Must Do’ activities each week are:

·         Reading for a minimum of 15 minutes each Monday-Thursday

·         Reading aloud to a parent/caregiver 2-3 times a week

·         Including Literacy Pro as part of this reading at home

·         Practising basic facts + - x ÷

When your child reads aloud to you they do not have to read a whole story and could be a variety of material from Literacy Pro, to a recipe or an article in which you are both interested. Once you have heard your child read, please talk to them about what they have read. Have them tell you the main points or maybe explain what a difficult word means.

Learning and practising basic facts + - x ÷ is very important for Year 5 & 6 students. Having fast recall of these makes learning Maths easier and gives students confidence when learning new concepts. Please get your child started with this and then encourage it to happen independently. Some students who have slower recall should practise 3-4 times a week and those who are accurate and faster maybe only 1-2 times a week. There are so many ways to practise basic facts but my advice is to keep the sessions short and vary it so learning them does not become boring.

·         Using counters or dice

·         Writing them out

·         Flashcards

·         Times table poster or placemat

·         Websites such as Hit the Button

·         Basic Facts Apps for your child’s device

Other tasks on the contract will be suggestions of other learning your child could do at home. Some of these tasks will involve practising independence and also manual tasks to develop skills as a growing member of your family. Other tasks will vary and will be optional.

At the end of each week students who have collected the required signatures for completing ‘Must Do’ home learning tasks will be rewarded.


It is expected that students have the required stationery at school every day and if certain items run out, break or go missing; students must organise to have these replaced as soon as possible. Please check that your child has everything they need.

Winter Sports - Shorts for Sports

With our sports rotation this term – students will need appropriate clothing (shorts & t-shirt) and footwear to participate. If students are unwell and are unable to participate please ensure they bring a note from home or an email. As we are getting into the colder months, more clothing is being worn to school and potentially taken off and left lying around so please make sure you name all clothing so that if it is forgotten/lost, it can be returned.


In the next few weeks we will be asking our students if they are interested in taking part in a Production item. Our Production this year is called ‘Turn the Page’ and will be performed on the 20th and 21st of September at the Clarence Street Theatre. Being part of a Production Group is a commitment we expect our students to stick with once they have signed up.

These items will mostly include dance and movement with an element of acting as well. Please talk to your child about this and encourage them to join if they are interested and wanting to commit.

Inquiry Zoo Trip

For our Inquiry learning in Term 2 we will be looking closer at the Living World and wondering;

How do we recognise differences between living things?

How do the characteristics of living things reflect their environment?

How do living things adapt to changes in their environment?

We ask you to not share all of the answers with your child as part of the inquiry process is to ask questions and research the solutions. This is a very important skill we are working on and trust we have your support.

On Wednesday, 10th May, we will be visiting the Hamilton Zoo. Our students will get to see such a variety of animals and will take note of how they live as well as similarities and differences between many of these animals.  We will be looking at a range of details such as characteristics, diet, suitability to habitat etc.


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