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Room 1 - Mrs Virginia Poland

Welcome back to Term Four.

We have gone straight back into our routines and are working hard.

This term we will continue focussing on:

  alphabet letter names and sounds

  improving letter formation in printing

  learning to spell the most frequently used words in our word lists

  learning how to write lots of words independently in our stories

  learning about what is a sentence

  counting to 50

  learning about what comes before and after for the numbers to 50

  counting groups of objects

  recognising writing and reading numbers

For those of us who get proficient in the first things, we are also adding:

            Fluency when we are reading

            trying to read lots more

            thinking about our reading and answering questions about what is happening in the story and      what might be going to happen

being able to independently retell what had happened in the story

            writing 2 or more sentences

            trying to write harder words by listening to the sounds the word makes

            learning about joining and separating sets

            writing some addition and subtraction equations

Our Inquiry will be looking at Traditional Fairy Tales.

We will be working towards our athletics fun day. In our sport time we will be learning different ways to throw, do long jump and high jump and run fast.

At the Digital Media Centre this term we are learning to access the computer to use Reading Eggs and Maths Made Easy.

We will be keeping busy this term.

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