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General Information

School Terms



Term 1 Tuesday 7th February to Thursday 13th April
Term 2 Monday 1st May to Friday 7th July
Term 3 Monday 24th July to Friday 29th September 
Term 4 Monday 16th October to Wednesday 20th December


Queen's Birthday holiday - Monday 5th June


Labour Day holiday - Monday 23rd October




Term 1 Wednesday 7th February to Friday 13th April

Term 2 Monday 30th April to Friday 6th July

Term 3 Monday 23rd July to Friday 28th September

Term 4 Monday 15th October to Tuesday 20th December


Easter - Friday 30th March to Tuesday 3rd April (inclusive)


Anzac Day holiday - Wednesday 25th April


Queen's Birthday holiday - Monday 4th June


Labour Day holiday - Monday 22nd October



Te Rapa School has an enrolment scheme in place. Only children residing at a permanent place of residence within the school's home zone can enrol at Te Rapa School. However, out of zone applications for a place at Te Rapa are always being considered. Please contact the school office, phone 8492232. Enrolments can be made during office hours and the Principal is available by making an appointment.

School Donation

This is $12.50 per term, or $50.00 per year for the first child and $10.00 per term for every other child i.e. $40.00 per year for each child after the first.


This is available, at a very competitive price, from the school office before school.

Absence Notification

If your child is going to be absent from school you need to leave a message at the office before 9am with school personnel. The phones are manned from 8am.  Email messages can be sent to absences@terapa.school.nz.  We have a system set up so that a phone call will be made to the residence of any student that is absent without notification. This is done as soon as it is possible after 9am, however we would prefer parents/caregivers contacting the school rather than the school having to phone you.

Reporting to Parents

This year we will be formally reporting to parents in the following ways:
Term 1: Meet the Teacher Orientation afternoon / evening
             Learning Conferences (Parent / Student / Teacher)
Term 2: Written Report
Term 4: Written Report

School T-shirts

These are available from the school office for $37.
All school representatives are required to purchase and wear the school t-shirt. This is for all sports teams, and cultural groups e.g. choir, dance troupe etc.

School Lunches

Every Tuesday and Friday lunchtimes we have a special lunch menu available. This needs to be ordered in the MPR kitchen before school. It is expected that students place money into an envelope and then their name, room number and order written clearly on the outside of the envelope. Envelopes should be sent from home however there are some available. Every day during interval and lunch, the MPR canteen is open and operated by senior students who are part of our Student Council. Full details are available at the office.

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