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The continued urban expansion of Hamilton City to the north east continues to see Te Rapa Primary School’s student roll in excess of 560+ students. This is a good size for Te Rapa. It allows the school to secure the staffing and funding levels it needs to offer the existing high quality programmes to pupils.

Our school’s positive reputation sees huge interest coming from parents and caregivers residing at both in-zone and out of zone addresses, and this is a result of the school’s commitment to high achievement levels in learning & teaching, but also our commitment to fostering positive student attitudes and behaviours through our “Citizenship with Excellence”, our “Incentive Awards” and our “Leadership” programmes.

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Te Rapa Primary School commenced as a single classroom block in 1906 and has served, until recent years, a largely rural sector of the community.

It was relocated from State Highway 1 to our present site on Ashurst Avenue in October 1997, and at that time was the most modern and the most well designed school in the country. It is pleasing to note that much of the rural flavour is being maintained in the school. Today the majority of our pupils are from an urban environment as the city expands.

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